ALLTRAIN™ Personal Training Members

  • Duffy H  - 43
    For close to two decades I did the usual run on a treadmill, an occasional spin class, and pushed a few weights around with the same techniques I learned in HS, all with very little improvement in weight loss or overall fitness level. Five years ago I took part in the SWIF ATHLETIC's CEO Challenge program, and from day one, Al and his team began to educate me on true performance training and nutrition. I am proud to say that I am in better shape and healthier five years later, and five years older. In addition, my 12 and 13 year old sons recently began training in the ALLTERRAIN Sports Performance program with Coach Gabe, and are not only running faster and jumping higher, but are enjoying every moment of it! The ALLTRAIN model is the complete package for the long term!
    Duffy H - 43
  • Dorothy M - 55
    My husband and I were members of SWIF for years and are now part of the ALLTRAIN family. I have worked out with many trainers in the past periodically, and hopped on many treadmills and bikes trying to look like I knew what I was doing. But, in reality, I didn’t! I never realized the true importance of working out with a professional trainer until this past year. In February of 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer. After 18 chemo treatments, surgery, and radiation, my energy, strength, stamina and confidence were at an all-time low! I struggled to walk up a flight of stairs, I was constantly tired, and couldn’t pick up more than 10 lbs. I thought that I would never regain my strength back! I hated what cancer did to me! I tried to work out on my own but the results were not good. I would become frustrated or I would have a set back and quit. Albert Eiler sat me down and we talked at length about the past year, what my body went through and how I was going to get my strength back and what HE was going to do to help. Al was extremely patient, caring, and was attentive to all my concerns, frustrations and limitations. He worked out a plan and, along with the help of coach Rob, we executed it. Al knew that we had to ease into it, we had to work slowly, rest and recover (as he constantly pulled the reigns back). He encouraged and motivated me and would remind me (in the way only Al can), that he is the expert. And boy was he correct! I am so impressed by Al’'s passion to help his clients, his expertise, his coaching team and the whole concept behind ALLTRAIN. I needed more than just a gym with treadmills and bikes to push me through this uphill battle! The new facility is so inviting but the concept is much more than any other gym! You receive attention from highly trained experts who will put together personalized plans that will help you obtain your goals. After 10 months, I have gained much of my strength back, have more endurance, feel healthy but more importantly I have my confidence back! I could never have done this on my own. Thank you Al and Rob for believing in me and for helping me believe in myself!
    Dorothy M - 55
  •  Arlene F - 70
    I joined SWIF 15 years ago, and loved it. I enjoyed the initial training I received when I joined and to followed it on my own. But it was not until I joined a group training class and learned about individual training with a trainer that I received the maximum training to improve my health and well being. Even though I loved SWIF, ALLTRAIN is a much better concept to maintain what I have improved on over the years. I love the personal training as well as the written instructions on the board. I can perform the training and the required tools and equipment on my own and if I have questions there is always someone to help. My range has greatly improved using weights, kettle bells and ropes. I also have a very good trainer, Gabe, who always allows for my aches and pains etc. He knows my strengths as well as my weaknesses and allows for my age. I really love ALLTRAIN GIBSONIA and its farm feel with the garden and outdoor paths.
    Arlene F - 70
  • Melissa A - 37
    I was introduced to SWIF in 2009, and having never been a member of any gym I had no idea what to expect. What I discovered was a staff that is attentive to the unique needs and goals of each client. The coaches motivate me to work hard but in an intelligent manner, knowing my limitations and capabilities. When you enter the doors of the ALLTRAIN Gibsonia Training Facility (FYI the coolest gym ever), you will find and inviting environment with grounded coaches that take each personal training client personally.
    Melissa A - 37
  • Doug L - 53
    One of the many characteristics that separates ALLTRAIN from other fitness facilities is the expertise of their trainers. They create interesting and effective workouts that keep you Inspired. They focus on complete body workouts that are hard to replicate or find elsewhere and I really enjoy the diversity of these workouts. They focus on improving strength, flexibility and conditioning. As I get older, my appreciation for the ALLTRAIN approach and the expertise of their trainers grows increasingly larger. While many of my friends are struggling to perform everyday activities, I feel I can handle them with relative ease. The ALLTRAIN trainers are simply some of the best at what they do!
    Doug L - 53
  • Shelley L - 51
    This is coming from a person that had never lifted a weight, couldn’t do a push up, ate cake for dinner and had two knee replacements.  ALLTRAIN is not only a place to workout, it is a lifestyle.  Over my numerous years at ALLTRAIN (I started at SWIF), I have learned so many important lifestyle changes.  The coaches at ALLTRAIN are so knowledgeable and motivating that even when you are at your lowest point, they have the ability to drive you forward.   Their services go from teaching you the correct form while working out, to recognizing the importance of consuming "real" foods, and to understanding the value of quality sleep and recovery periods.  It is only through this increased awareness that I have been able to adapt to an overall healthier lifestyle.  After having two knee replacements at a very early age due to a personal medical condition, I never thought I would be able to return to the activity level I had before the knee replacements.  With the support, dedication, and motivation from the ALLTRAIN coaches, today I am doing activities that I never thought would be possible.   From extensive landscaping work to carrying ten bags of groceries at once would not be happening without the strength and conditioning training I have received from the ALLTRAIN coaches over the years.  I cannot speak highly enough of the coaches and philosophy at ALLTRAIN that have provided me with the ability to enjoy living a lifestyle that would most likely not have happened if I were not a member. Thank you goes to the outstanding coaches at ALLTRAIN.
    Shelley L - 51
  • Jim G - 55
    I have been training with ALLTRAIN personal trainers for the past five years (starting at SWIF) with wonderful results.  I am 55 years old, and in the best shape of my life.  I am 75 pounds lighter than when I began training, my body is stronger than ever and I am injury free.  The trainers at ALLTRAIN have extensively worked and strengthened every muscle in my body using its simple methodology and genuine, requisite training knowledge.  Never before have I trained or been trained using better people and a more precise and practical system.  Kudos to ALLTRAIN.
    Jim G - 55
  • Gerry C - 64
    Behavioral Modification results in Physical Transformation Fitness purveyors and diet peddlers sell quick results in 10 days. More energy. Lost inches. Some work. Usually for 10 days. Albert and his Team offer a change in attitude, followed by a clear message, leading to an understanding of a new path. So what would motivate someone to drive an hour each way twice a week to hit a gym---for 10 years? It starts with understanding food groups, quantities and forgetting the term “diet”. Someone on a diet focuses on what I can’t have. Being arguably human, that set me up, and everyone else, for failure since we can only deprive ourselves of what we crave only for so long. Eiler teaches you to understand what food does, works to find what foods work for you in terms of taste (to a point) and type, and helps establish goals. Since his Team can spot 2 extra pounds from 30,000 feet, encouragement and reality checks are effortless and pervasive. When it comes to physical training, the combination of flexibility work, cardio and strength training is seamless and very effective. I have been able to maintain strength, flexibility and run speeds, bettering those measurements from 30 years ago. I expect to continue to be challenged for a long time to come and, with the help of God, will live to see a paved parking lot at ALLTRAIN :-)
    Gerry C - 64
  • Dr. Leann D - 38
    I have been training with Al and Mike for 2 years and have always felt motivated and supported. The program has changed my body shape; it has strengthened and improved my physical abilities both at home and work. The training and diet modifications have lead to weight loss - the lightest weight of my adult life! I have learned the importance of clean eating and it's direct effect on my weight loss. I have been educated on formulating realistic daily meal plans with healthy, filling foods. The program does not make me feel deprived. I always look forward to my training sessions. The Block Training Program always feels fresh, new and tailored to my specific needs. It is uniquely constructed and proves to be a maintainable long term life style. I would definitely recommend Al's program to anyone. Thank you Al, Mike and ALLTRAIN!
    Dr. Leann D - 38
  • Nan S - 65
    My goal is to keep my body moving as I age. At ALLTRAIN I work with a professional trainer, JR, one time each week. JR looks out for my best interests, knows my limitations, and customizes workouts for me. In addition, I workout on my own and I don't have to remember what to do, as the routines are listed on chalk boards and have been designed with a mixture of conditioning, flexibility and strength training exercises that keep me safe, and also from getting bored. Because of JR's encouragement and patience, I am stronger, more flexible, and able to do all of things I enjoy doing such as lifting my grandchildren and going on vacation with them. I am no longer afraid that I am going to lose my balance and break a hip. Thank you ALLTRAIN for providing me a non-intimidating environment to workout.
    Nan S - 65
  • Jim S - 75
    My initial involvement with SWIF Athletics came about because, as I was approaching the age of 70, I began to have issues with balance and stamina. Thanks to many years of involvement with the trainers at SWIF (and now at ALLTRAIN), my balance and stamina issues are essentially resolved. The atmosphere at ALLTRAIN is friendly and inviting. The trainers are available and very helpful. The equipment is modern and well maintained. There are many training benefits, including conditioning, mobility and strength. My experience at ALLTRAIN has been entirely positive. I hope to be able to continue to train there for many more years.
    Jim S - 75
  • Dr. Bill B - 47
    I always thought I was in pretty good shape. I ate well and exercised vigorously 4-5 days/week. Then I started on the ALLTRAIN Block Training Program and saw my results exponentially improve. Through the Personal Training Program, I was introduced to an entirely new approach to human performance, and my form and technique to each movement was under heavy scrutiny. I truly wish my patients would commit to this program and stop spinning their wheels at the many "herd" gyms, and learn to build their bodies rather than tear them down.
    Dr. Bill B - 47
  •  Marcia J - 68
    Three years ago I had back surgery which left me paralyzed from the waist down. After spending a month in spinal cord rehab, I came to SWIF barely walking with a walker. Al and Mike designed a program with me after consulting with my previous therapist, and in two and a half years they have made a tremendous impact on my life. Now I am not only walking with a cane, but my physical strength, mobility, and balance have improved tremendously. I could not have done it without SWIF (now ALLTRAIN). I will forever be grateful to them for walking as well as I do.
    Marcia J - 68
  • Dan W - 51
    I have been a member of ALLTRAIN (formerly SWIF ATHLETICS) for approximately 9 months. It was in December of last year when I decided to try and get back into shape and give personal training a shot. The results have been amazing. The trainers are expertly trained and I have been very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm to help me reach my goals. I have been challenged by the trainers and pushed when needed. They are very attentive to limitations caused by previous injury and have adapted exercise programs to meet my needs. Since joining the gym and training with the experts, I have lost 30 pounds and I feel great. The training has made me stronger, more confident and has made me more accountable to an overall healthier lifestyle. I’m very grateful for the knowledge I have received from JR and Mike about training and nutrition and for their ongoing commitment in helping me obtain my goal of a healthy and active lifestyle.
    Dan W - 51
  • Linda P - 66
    When I went into the SWIF facility the first time, I told the trainers that I wanted to get my inner athlete back. I was probably 40 pounds overweight. My knees hurt. Everything hurt. But the worst pain was feeling I had lost an essential part of myself. The SWIF approach used weight training not just to increase strength but to develop and improve functional movement, training for real life. My trainers provide accountability and a lot of support when I have specific goals. For example, they pushed me in the SWIF CEO challenge, which helped me finally hit goal weight.  And while I loved the old gym, the new ALLTRAIN facility is state-of-the-art and will take my training in new directions. Plus—vegetables! I came in wanting to find my inner athlete. This summer I finished my 3rd season in a softball league. Now we’re planning for season #4. And as I say to JR or Rob nearly every week:  “I would never do push ups on a ball [or push ups of any sort] unless you made me.” 
    Linda P - 66
  • Rise K - 62
    I joined SWIF about 8 years ago, and absolutely loved it! The trainers and other clients who were there were very genuine, caring individuals. There was an atmosphere of “we’re here to help you to work out in a way that helps you to achieve your goals and objectives.” Then ALLTRAIN opened, and while the caring atmosphere is the same, the whole program is even better! The monthly workouts are very well crafted, utilizing one’s own body, with the help of kettle bells, bands, free weights, etc., to get the results that you want (and need). It’s also nice to not have to remember, “hmm, what did we do last week?”, because the plan for that month is written on the board. The trainers are all quite helpful, and when you look confused, or ask any of them for help, they will explain how to do whatever exercise it is that is confusing to you! As a slightly older client, I really appreciate that I can tailor the workouts to my specific body and endurance level. I am much stronger, and more fit, than I was 8 years ago! I’ve also had the good fortune to get Gabe as my personal Coach. In addition to my own individual workouts, I work out with him, along with a friend, one time per week. He is fabulous, and fun! He knows us, knows our strengths and weaknesses, and is always pushing us to improve our level of performance, without making us feel bad about being old and arthritic! His knowledge of physiology is impressive – when one of us is really tired, or has a small injury, he adapts our workout to whatever it is that we need to do to work that area, or to rest that area; whichever course of action is needed. I love ALLTRAIN!
    Rise K - 62
  • Patricia W - 75
    Exercise is key to living with Parkinson's Disease, of which I have been diagnosed with for many years now. As a career nurse, including time served as a medical nurse in the military, I've come to appreciate professionalism. The staff and coaches are professional, observant, and pleasant. I have been training directly with Rob and Jr for several years, and they have gone through the research to make sure we get it right. When I first began training, I had very little muscle mass in my upper body and could literally feel the bones in my arms. Now, after consistent training with my coaches, I can feel muscle mass and no longer bone! Again, exercise is key to living with Parkinson's Disease and many other health issues, and at ALLTRAIN they get it right!
    Patricia W - 75
  • Dr Jeff H - 70
    My name is Jeffrey O. Hollinger. I am a retired CMU professor and a retired United States Army COLONEL. I am delighted to write my personal endorsement for ALLTRAIN. I joined SWIF three years ago. Why did I join? Answer: Merely to give it a try; not anticipating a ‘permanent’ relationship. What has changed? My mind, spirit, fitness and especially my unanticipated highest respect for Al (the owner) and Gabe (my personal Coach) and the entire staff. What are the reasons you may ask, why the gym made these compelling changes for this old soldier? Simple. About 5 years ago I had a near-life ending event: a traumatic brain injury. After 45 days of hospitalization and rehab my balance was awful. My muscular – physical cognitive co-ordination was woefully poor. Therefore, 3 years ago I decided I would try a gym – any gym. I joined SWIF. The personalized whole body training program I received at the SWIF gym changed my life. It made me feel (almost) normal again. Joke here. At 70 years of age I don't feel physically and mentally as sharp as I would like to feel – as I did 30 years ago. But, WOW! Am I better today at 70 than I was when I began at the gym! What else is so special about ‘a’ gym – aha! Not ‘a’ gym - BUT THE ALLTRAIN Training Facility! It is profoundly special to me because 1. GYM. The gym is organized, clean (as former surgeon I really appreciate ‘clean’), friendly, inspiring; it has radiance! 2. PROGRAM. The whole body program with Gabe my Coach is tactically and strategically calibrated for me and structured for me. It is dynamic and intensely personal. Moreover, Gabe and I focus not only on muscle conditioning, but we integrate diet and spirit. I have my own WHOLE BODY PERSONAL PROGRAM! 3. PEOPLE. I have never found a more cordial and dedicated and conscientious and competent and polite group: From gym staff to gym members. In closing, the gym is not about the ‘muscles’. No! It is about a whole body and mind personal program adventure. I wish I would have joined 30 years ago! You will not find a better facility anywhere. You will not find a more competent staff anywhere. You not find better Coaches anywhere!
    Dr Jeff H - 70

ALLTRAIN™ Open Training Members

  • Dan and Mary Jane R - 66 and 65
    Participating in the ALLTRAIN program has definitely increased our flexibility and strength, and since the exercises change monthly we are never bored with our routine. The little things, such as kneeling in church, are now done with ease and no thought of holding on for assistance. Our old way of approaching fitness, via a circuit of machines and a few minutes on the treadmill, simply could not provide the functional results we are now seeing.
    Dan and Mary Jane R - 66 and 65
  • John B - 66
    Most anyone who chooses can work out. Finding a gym is not difficult. The difficulty, if we think about it, is how to optimize results for the time and energy invested in exercise. Repetitive movement performed to increase heart rate is one approach. At the other end of the spectrum is immersion in a dynamic program of multiple modalities and a lot of different movement. There is great efficiency and even greater satisfaction in the latter approach. I needed to be taught this by the training staff at ALLTRAIN. I’m still learning, but the results of the ALLTRAIN approach are clear: For your time and effort you will move better, become stronger and grow healthier. The new exercise facility reflects the philosophy of Albert Eiler, ALLTRAIN founder: basic wood and steel. It is organized to promote safe, productive exercise habits. The warm-up and cool-down (yoga) areas are separated from the training area. Movement on the training floor is segregated from stationary exercise areas. It is a rare individual who can train themselves. The training staff at ALLTRAIN ensures that exercise movements are practiced correctly. They are experts and always available for questions and guidance. Finally, and perhaps most critically, people who work out regularly, wherever they have chosen, probably know, as one fellow member tells it, “getting to the gym is the hardest part”. People get to ALLTRAIN because the staff there makes them want to do better, to improve themselves. I am glad to have been included in this concept. I feel fortunate to have access to the new facility and especially to the staff. I am not aware of any other facility or program quite like ALLTRAIN
    John B - 66
  • Joel C - 63
    I have been a member of SWIF and friends with Al since 2001, and I am now an Open Training Member at ALLTRAIN. For several years I would go about and run through my own workouts that I picked up out of books or magazines, not truly knowing if that was the best type of workout for me (or if I was doing it correctly). And I would often get reprimanded, in the way only Al can pull off, for my efforts with these workouts. Two years ago, I suddenly needed open heart surgery to repair leaking valves in my aorta. Well, the surgery basically "knocked me on my ass". It took me several months to recover where I was able to walk without being out of breath and being able to lift something heavier than a light object. When I was ready to return to the gym, I let Al and his team know that my goal was to be stronger and more durable than I was before my surgery. At this point, Al made it mandatory that I work with one of his coaches under close supervision. And for two months I did so and turned a massive corner in my recovery. But then I went off on my own and again slipped back into my old training habits. With the move to ALLTRAIN, I had no choice but to get on board with the programmed training. As with many other members I'm sure, I was skeptical of the new model, but now after six months I feel even better! This programming offers exercises that I did not even dream of doing. When I leave the gym I feel like I truly had a comprehensive workout. The new workouts are challenging, but it's important to note your are not competing against others in the gym, you're doing this for yourself. Furthermore, if you're doing any of these exercises incorrectly, the coaches are quick to correct you (and the videos are a huge help). I am more than recovered from my surgery and I will continue my training at ALLTRAIN!
    Joel C - 63
  • Kierstin C - 46
    I have joined gyms and tried doing exercise programs on my own in the past. I had some success, but mostly it was a lot of work to figure out what I should do, and something would always end it after a few months at most (injuries, or not wanting to spend money on something that didn't seem to make a difference). I took another shot at it by joining SWIF last fall. It was nice, but I still lacked the structure I needed. Then they opened ALLTRAIN and I knew I had found what I was looking for! I had a training program, and it was already part of my membership. The great trainers are always there for you, and I really like the workouts, the facility, and the other members. I haven't gotten injured or overworked, yet I am still making gains. I almost can't believe I haven't missed a workout in 6 months! People have noticed the improvements in my shape and I notice the increases in my strength and flexibility. This is the first gym I will eagerly renew my membership to.
    Kierstin C - 46
  • Mike F - 53
    I have been a member of SWIF (now transformed into ALLTRAIN) for many years. They have always done a remarkable job of presenting the principles of proper diet and exercise in a compelling and persuasive manner. The new initiative by Al and his remarkable staff takes their very sound principles to a new level. What I have experienced over the past few months is nothing short of remarkable. I am an OTM (Open Training Member). What does this entail? At the beginning of each month (give or take a week depending on holidays) you will be introduced to warm-up, workout, and cool down routines that are both creatively designed and comprehensive. The training is supplemented by helpful videos which help the OTM's to use the proper techniques that will give them the maximum benefits from each exercise. As the month progresses the number of sets or reps in the workout series are gradually increased. There are three different workouts each week, while the warm-up and cool down series stay the same for each day. These routines are expertly crafted. There is a reason for every exercise in a given series. The rationale for each exercise can be explained by any of the trainers at the gym. It sounds simple but the results are remarkable. To say that I have seen positive results in my strength, mobility, and power would be an understatement. You work hard each month, but you never plateau. You also are never so spent that you can’t function on the day of the workout. As I said before these workouts are well designed. I work out with someone twenty years younger than myself and we both have seen the benefits of this system. As far as the dietary aspect of the program is concerned, that is something that is largely up to the member. The principles are laid out clearly, but our friend, “free will”, is always present. In the summer you can purchase delicious fresh vegetables from their organic gardens, but your diet is something that happens outside the gym. The long and short of it is this: If you follow the prescriptions of Al and his staff with regard to diet and exercise you will be leading a much healthier, energetic, and happier life. Sounds perhaps a little over the top, but it is true. The people that I work out with each month would say exactly the same thing. The system is unique and effective.
    Mike F - 53
  • Bob B and Marianne M - 63 and 55
    We have been going to gyms for the last 30 years or more, and doing what we thought was a good mixture of both aerobic and weight work to maintain tone as well as general stress reduction. We have to admit, that when Al first mentioned both the move to a new location and model (ALLTRAIN) and updated us on the block training, which would become our new standard of training, we were both a bit skeptical. But, we both said we would give it a chance, and we are extremely happy we did. When Al said, we are going to take you out of our comfort zone, he was not kidding! This block training has proven to be very beneficial, not only with strength training, but flexibility, and balance improvements. We certainly were missing this in our past exercise routine. We are following the new blocks, which are given to us at the beginning of each month, and definitely noticing the improvements, which are a direct result.
    Bob B and Marianne M - 63 and 55

ALLTERRAIN™ Sports Peformance Members

  • Brandon M - 35
    Entering high school was a drastic change in my life with schooling and sports. I was a little undersized, immature, and lacked regiment. Both my grades and sports performance were always good, but being all the things I mentioned earlier, I knew I had to get better. I was 15 years old and with the help of my parents we were looking for an organization that would make me the best athlete I could be, but more importantly would make me a better individual. I got a recommendation for SWIF and after meeting with Al Eiler, my parents and I knew him and his team were the best fit for me. Looking back I would not change a thing. With Al’s structure and guidance, I was able to increase my size, strength, and speed which helped me excel on the field in high school and college. I continued to train with SWIF throughout this period, and was fortunate enough to sign with a professional team. I want to stress that Al and his team helped me more importantly with dedication, hard work, and confidence which has allowed me to be a better man. These lessons have helped me transition to be successful in the business world. Al's latest initiative, ALLTRAIN, is absolutely spot on! And I refer not only younger athletes, but my employees to them as well.
    Brandon M - 35
  • Katie C - 18
    I spent the summers of my HS years at ALLTRAIN preparing for multiple sports, including basketball and volleyball. The summer following my senior season was specific to prepare me for college where I now play volleyball. The coaches were great because they design programs specific for your needs, and they somehow manage to make it fun even when you are working really hard. Also, it was interesting to be training alongside other athletes (from HS football players and wrestlers, to high level college football and baseball players), and I learned much from those athletes as well. I started with ALLTERRAIN to improve my performance with sport, but the AT trainers helped me with so much more, including discipline and positive thinking. I learned so much at ALLTRAIN and I appreciate all that they taught me. Thank you ALLTRAIN!
    Katie C - 18
  • Jack G - 22
    The ALLTRAIN trainers have been a big part of my success as a hockey player beginning with the Pittsburgh Hornets and Pittsburgh Pens Elite Tier I hockey teams, right through ACHA, Division I college hockey. Their ability and know-how delivered strength, agility, quickness and most importantly, the proper, extensive secondary muscle and connective tissue conditioning to minimize injury. Although I no longer require specific high-level athletic training since graduating from college, I have continued to train with ALLTRAIN trainers on a regular basis.
    Jack G - 22
  • Noah W - 18
    I owe a lot to the guys at ALLTRAIN for what they have done for me. The ALLTERRAIN program helped build up my weaknesses while maintaining my strengths during my sport seasons. When I got injured on the field, the coaches helped me in my recovery and in getting back to where I was before. We also worked around my injury to strengthen the rest of my body. Most importantly, they made me stronger mentally and gave me the confidence to compete once again. I wouldn't be the athlete I am today without the coaches at ALLTRAIN.
    Noah W - 18
  • Vince and Gus S - 17 and 21
    The ALLTERRAIN program helped us both make giant gains in both strength and speed while also increasing our agility and flexibility at the same time. Coach Gabe understand the demands of our wrestling and football seasons, leading us from middle school and now into high school and college competition respectively.. His workouts are fun but no nonsense and focused on you getting the most out of yourself. Coach Gabe is also a good guy that you'd just like to hang out with and maybe catch a couple episodes of "Game of Thrones" - all around good person. We recommend anyone who is serious about improving in any facet of sports performance to contact ALLTRAIN. Don't make excuses - your couch ain't going anywhere!
    Vince and Gus S - 17 and 21
  • Jimmy G - 25
    The knowledge and expertise of the staff are second to none when it comes to strength, conditioning, agility, nutrition and rehabilitation. All workouts within the ALLTERRAIN program are individualized for each client depending on the clients goals. After finishing my college football career, I could barely lift any weight due to a shoulder injury. My pro day was two months away where testing included a 225 pound bench press test where you bench press as many reps as you can until failure. I was unable to get any reps at that weight in January due to my shoulder injury and 2 short months later I was able to accomplish 16 reps at my pro day in March. All the thanks goes to Gabe, Al and the rest of the staff. I would not have been able to achieve my goals without their knowledge and support. I'm proud to be a member of the ALLTRAIN family!
    Jimmy G - 25